Being a Global Citizen is a privilege. Global leaders become global citizens as they recognize that global business norms’ are emerging and that their action plays vital role in shaping them. Where current practice undermines shared prosperity, we, as global citizens, are working to shape it.

Global Citizen Foundation is a result of the strong belief of Mr. Armand Arton that the prosperity of one individual, one company, or one nation is interdependent with the prosperity of others. By giving, we gain, and we help build a sustainable future for the generations to come.


At Global Citizen Foundation, we are committed to making a difference by reaching out to children and young people who are in need. We are focusing on education, but also lending a hand and contributing to the next generation of leaders and education policy worldwide. Our objectives are:

  • Develop and implement distinctive philanthropy programs;
  • Involve the global citizens’ movement to support the selected noble initiatives;
  • Donate on high-impact geographies and programs, in coordination with other donor and government initiatives to deliver integrated outcomes for the community.
  • Support initiatives, which can make the biggest difference for the greatest number of beneficiaries.


We focus on finding at least one project that has immediate traceable impact that can be reported on a short-term basis (6 months or less). Higher risk programming, research and funding pilots of innovations in education will be considered, as well as earlier stage organizations whose success could contribute to the development of the education sector will be considered.

GCF will consider direct higher risk programming, research and funding pilots of innovations in education for part of its portfolio, but will also include at least one project that has an immediate traceable impact that can be reported on a short-term basis.

The Foundation will seek sustainability in the form of a clear exit that will allow the projects to continue with other funding or will successfully complete their funding stage thank to the support of Global Citizen Foundation. All gifts will have a connection to education and will go to registered charities/community organizations.

Donations will not be made to any new, large-scale infrastructure projects or land purchases, or multi-year projects that do not have other funding in place. GCF will not necessarily focus on big numbers if the intervention is not meaningful, nor will GCF focus its funding based solely on those who are in most need and are often hardest to reach.

Geographic coverage

The initial round of funding will be focused on making at least one grant to a project based in the Middle East/North Africa. Additional grants will be considered for projects taking place in India, Pakistan, and sub-Saharan Africa or for global projects.

Selection and evaluation

In its pursuit to develop an optimal philanthropy platform, Global Citizen Foundation cooperated with The Social Investment Consultancy. With their help and guidance, we were able to scrutinize our short- and long-term goals and to set out the process of identifying available projects that will enable us to meet our objectives. With this, the selection and evaluation cycle of projects was tested for the first time.

What came out of this gratifying and harmonious exercise was a pipeline of projects presented by potential charity partners. The evaluation of projects was based on case-by-case project assessment criteria, where correlation of the projects with the Foundation’s core objectives was identified and assessed, as well as sustainability, risk and monitoring.

The approach that is adopted is to brief and invite charities to submit expression of interest, and – after applying the preliminary assessment grid – to pre-select and invite identified projects to submit detailed proposal. The Board of Trustees then examines the shortlist and the final decision is taken.

Based on these principles, the Trustees have already selected 2 projects that Global Citizenship Foundation will start its intervention with for the first cycle of the GCF’s operations.

Strategic partners

Global Citizen Forum

The Global Citizen Forum is a platform for exchange between all relevant stakeholders in an effort to build awareness, educate and promote Global Citizenship as a way of life. Second residency and citizenship are being sought more and more by high net worth individuals and their families. At the same time, new programs are being offered by an increasing number of countries and thus, the forum serves to examine this trend and the benefits that come with it.

Involve. Evolve. Empower.


The Social Investment Consultancy

TSIC is committed to the vision that every organization – whether it is primarily commercial or charitable – can integrate social enterprise approaches into their work, and that social-purpose businesses can be both profitable and constructive. TSIC exist to disrupt the boundaries between and within sectors and to create more effective programs for the societies they can change for the better.

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Arton Capital

Arton Capital empowers individuals and families to become Global Citizens. This is accomplished through a high-end service experience that simplifies complexity, supported and sustained by long-term relationships. As a global financial advisory firm, specializing in investor programs for residence and citizenship we play a critical role in helping governments, consultants, legal and financial professionals and investors to meet their goals quickly, efficiently and more effectively. Arton’s global operations are spread in 10 offices around the world and oversee over US $1 billion investments in Global Citizen programs.

Empowering Global CItizenship.




Global Citizen Magazine

By offering fresh perspectives on the news and people that matter most to ultra and high net worth individuals in the Middle East, Global Citizen aims to inspire and connect enterprising people with fellow business leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and investors. Global Citizen magazine is a bi-monthly title that provides its readers with a wealth of articles covering investment opportunities and destinations, real estate trends, entrepreneurial profiles, philanthropy and challenges facing the region’s leading business leaders. Global Citizen also delivers an impressive lifestyle section, focusing on everything from the arts and travel, to luxury cars, male grooming and fashion, gadgets, and dining out.