Saye Yabandeh
  • Ambassador

Saye Yabandeh is the founder of, which supports impoverished and underserved children and families in Cambodia, India, Vietnam and other countries around the world. She also works with many international child welfare organizations in the United States and abroad and is the CEO of Leo Entertainment.

The award-winning actress studied producing and directing at UCLA and drama at the Meisner Center. She has appeared in 34 films and numerous television programs. In 2014, she was nominated for Best LGBT Project for her film Sholeh at the Action on Film Awards Festival. That same year she was also nominated for Best Female Filmmaker for Sholeh. In 2013, Saye won Best Supporting Actress for Lu at the 168 Film Festival. And in 2011 she won Best Actress at the 11th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival for 5th and Alameda, of which she was also the executive producer.